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A mythic map is any belief structure, set of perceptions or ideas that helps us make sense of that deep soulful realm where everyday experience and meaning coincide; it is my intent in these pages to explore the terrain covered in some of these maps.

My book of days is a look at the rich variety of ways human beings have found to celebrate that which they perceive as sacred. Mythic maps delves into the nature of imaginal landscapes and the ingenious tools and charts created by people through the ages to bring these otherworldly realms and anatomies vividly to life. My writing page allows you access to various articles, poems and other scribblings that might be of interest. Links is, well, just what it says it is; what I do is another subject altogether!

Acknowledgements: Thanks to Sally Davies and Emma Lustig for allowing me to create and publish the festival pages initially on the Ealing Grid for Learning; thanks also to www.grsites.com, where I obtained most of the textures used in the construction of this site.


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