During one particularly intense experience—when I actually felt myself being levitated off the bed—I summoned the concentration to focus on the position of one of my hands. It was then that I could tell that my entire arm was in contact with the mattress; in spite of all sensory impressions to the contrary, I was not, in fact, floating in mid air.

The next day I remembered discussing a case with a doctor friend who was trying to diagnose the cause of seizures in a young boy. She mentioned that the child’s parents were under considerable duress, as they were struggling to cope with a premature infant. Recalling that an acquaintance had once said he could raise his temperature at will whenever he wanted an excuse to stay home from school, I wondered whether this boy might be doing something similar; that is, that he was unconsciously inducing these fits in an attempt to get some attention. o either the basement or attic of our psyche can become a feared bogie or mad person.

Natal chart

My natal chart

This immediately struck a chord—in fact, my friend said that she had already suspected that this might be the case. The point of telling the story now is that following my experience of ‘levitation’ I began to wonder if I might somehow be heating up my own brain to the point of triggering a seizure.

At various times in my life I’ve been the focus of poltergeist activity. Several years after the last occurrence I wondered whether these manifestations—typically phone ringing, light bulbs popping, disruptions in electrical equipment—were being caused by the energy field of my own anger, dissociated and projected into my surroundings. It might be of considerable interest to my fellow astrologers to know that the aliens were landing regularly in my flat during the time that transiting Pluto was squaring my natal Mars. I keep a diary of my dreams, and scanning through it for instances of ‘alien visitation’ I was struck by the fact that most of them occurred on days when I had been wrestling with my anger.